Translating Your Annual Review: What Partners Really Mean

December 14, 2010 by  

[The excerpt below is part of an article that was written by yours truly and originally published on TechnoLawyer’s BigLaw newsletter on December 13, 2010]

The end of the year is right around the corner, folks. And if you’re an associate working in biglaw, you know what that brings: partner drunkscapades at the firm’s holiday party, reluctant realizations that you’ve spent yet another year trading whatever straggling shards of youth you have left for a bucketful of billable hours, and … year-end associate reviews!

Yes, it’s once again report card time for biglaw associates, that time of year when your supervisors weigh in on your progress —or lack thereof— on the path to partnership. But what do these reviews really mean? What hidden messages lurk within your supervisors’ vague appraisals? Are you on the way up or out?

Below you’ll find translations of five common strains of associate review-speak to help you figure out if you should pat yourself on the back —or watch your back— as this year wraps up.

Start translating over at this post’s original home on TechnoLawyer’s BigLaw newsletter.


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